For all school or kindergarten enrolment queries:


The school’s roll maximum will be managed within the maximum roll prescribed in the school’s Integration Agreement. Maximum Roll: 400

Special Character

A student shall be given preference of enrolment when the Proprietors deem that the student’s parents or guardians have demonstrated a connection with the Special Character of the school and in the case of the High School, that students also demonstrate a connection.

Priority Ranking of Preference Students

Applications for enrolment will be processed in the following order of priority.

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Area of Convenience

Priority is given to applicants for whom the school is “reasonably convenient”. The Education Act accepts that the definition of “reasonably convenient” for an integrated school such as Taikura, given that we serve the Special Character needs of Hawke’s Bay for Steiner Education, will be greater than for a state school.

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The area of “reasonably convenient” is that part of Hawke’s Bay bounded by:

  • End of Whirinaki Road in the north, south along Main Road North to the junction of Eskdale Drive
  • Eskdale Drive to the junction of Glengarry Road
  • Glengarry Road to the junction of Puketitiri Road
  • Puketitiri Road west up to the junction of Soldiers Settlement Road
  • Soldiers Settlement Road, Apley Road
  • Dartmoor Road up to Mt Cameron
  • Tutaekuri River between Dartmoor and Lower Flag Range Road
  • Lower Flag Range Road, Flag Range Road
  • Taihape Road up to the junction of Otamauri Road
  • Otamauri Road, Whanawhana Road, Waitata Road, Kohatunui Road
  • Ngaruroro River to Big Hill Road
  • Big Hill Road, Nelson Road, Kereru Road, Gwavas Road
  • State Highway 50 to the junction of Ashcott Road
  • State Highway 2 to the junction of Ruataniwha Street
  • Ruataniwha Street, Mt Herbert Road, Walker Road
  • Pourerere Road to the junction of Hautope Road
  • Tamumu Church Road, Hautope Road, River Road
  • Elsthorpe Road, Mangarara Road, Kairakau Road to coast

Within this priority group if there are more applicants than there are spaces available they will be considered in the following priority order within the Area of Convenience:

Year 1 to 6 Year 7 to 13
Children of permanent staff at Taikura Rudolf Steiner School. Children of permanent staff at Taikura Rudolf Steiner School.
Students from both Rudolf Steiner Kindergartens in Hastings and Taradale Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten in Taradale and any other kindergartens operated by the Rudolf Steiner School Hastings Trust. If the total number of applications for Class 1 (Year 2) is greater than the number of places available, preference is to be given by order of date of registrationStudents who are currently enrolled at other New Zealand Steiner Schools.
Siblings of current studentsStudents who have had more than half of their education at a Steiner school in New Zealand or overseas.
Students who are currently enrolled at other New Zealand Steiner Schools or Kindergartens.Siblings of current students
Students who have had more than half of their education at a Steiner school in New Zealand or overseas.Other preference applicants
Other preference applicants,

Priority is given to children outside the geographic boundaries, in the order shown above.

Waiting List

In each of the categories above, applicants will be listed in order of receipt of their applications.  The school will maintain a waiting list which records the date at which each application is received.  In each of the categories, available places will be offered to students in the order in which their names occur on the waiting list for a particular year of entry.  Prospective students may be registered on the waiting list at any time.


Each year applications for enrolment will be sought by a date which will be published in a daily or community newspaper circulating in the area served by the school.

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Students whose enrolment is successful will be asked to confirm their enrolment within 14 days. Failure to accept the enrolment within this time period will mean that the place will be offered to the next eligible student. A new date of registration will then be applied.

For more information please contact the school office.

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