The School Board comprises up to eleven nominated and elected members and is legally accountable for the running of the school.

As part of the Integration Agreement, the Board is bound to uphold the School’s Special Character. Its role is one of governance and its relationship with the Principal is a supportive one. All education matters are delegated to the Principal.

Copies of the School Charter and Integration Agreement are available for parents to read in the School Office.

School Board Meetings

The Board meets regularly during the school year, twice per term, on a Monday night in the Administration Building. This meeting is advertised in the Grapevine and all members of the school community are welcome. Minutes, the correspondence list and reports to the Board are available in the office for parents to read. This is one way parents can be informed about the school’s activities and issues.

Click on the link below to read our current Strategic Plan:

Strategic Plan – Taikura 2023-2025

School Board Membership

The School Board comprises the following membership:

Presiding memberMarkus Dipper
Student Representative
(Elected by the students in September each year)
Mika Moenchmeier
Board SecretarySuzan Bart
Staff Representative
(Elected for a three year term by the staff)
Gee Reisima
The School PrincipalPippa Caccioppoli
Up to five Parent Representatives
(Elected for a three year term)
Claire Porter
Markus Dipper
Rachel De Lacey
Robert van Duin
Co-opted MembersClayton Hairs
Up to four Proprietors Trust Nominees
(Nominated by the Proprietors Trust)
Patrick Lander

The Rudolf Steiner School Hastings Trust is the legal owner of the school and is the body that enables the school to operate as a charity, to raise and disburse funds in connection with its charitable purposes. It is the Proprietor of the Integrated School and as such, the guardian of the school’s special character. It is a Board incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957. It also has charitable status for gifts and donations under the Finance Act.

Trust Membership

ChairpersonSue Simpson (interim)
TrusteesCraig Riddiford
Michelle Vette
Patrick Lander
SecretarySuzan Bart


Taikura Rudolf Steiner School 2023 – Audited Financial Statements