How do I enrol my child at Taikura?

Phone the school office (06) 878 7363 and ask for the Enrolments Registrar Ext: 807

Is there a cost and how does this work?

The school operates by a required attendance dues fee of $1,023.50 each year per child and a recommended donation of $2,250 per child.

There are also required sundries eg. stationery, music, sports and camps. These charges vary from class to class.

Is there a long waiting list?

Waiting lists vary from class to class in the Lower School.  Our busiest time for enrolments is in Term 4 each year for the following year, but places can become available anytime during the year.

There is no waiting list for the High School.

What are the formal qualifications?

In our High School we have the Steiner Certificate qualification at Levels 1, 2 and 3. This qualification is the equivalent of NCEA.

Can a child attend your school if they have not attended another Steiner School?

Yes, anyone is able to enrol / go on the waiting list as long as the family are able to show a connection to the Special Character of the school. This is done through a Special Character Interview.

What is a Special Character Interview?

A Special Character Interview is part of the process for determining a family’s connection to the Special Character of the School. This is a requirement of our Enrolment Scheme.  Before a family can place their children on the waiting list, they need to have a Special Character Interview.

How do I prepare for a Special Character Interview?

There is a recommended reading list that we encourage families to review, the Rudolf Steiner Centre (500 Nelson Street North, Hasting) has a library that is open to the public. We also encourage families to attend events (such as festivals, presentation and plays) that are held at the school. The school newsletter (The Grapevine) will have information about what events are on that are open to the public.

What does State Integrated mean?

State integrated means we are a school with a Special Character (Steiner Education) that gets funding from the Ministry of Education. The Ministry provides money for teaching staff and the day to day running of the school. The Proprietors provide the buildings and the long term funding for the school.

Is the school zoned?

We have an area of convenience and priority is given to those who live within this. Please see the schools Enrolment Scheme for further details.

How many classes of each age group do you have?

There is one class per age group.

Dress code.

There is no school uniform.  School students are expected to be familiar with and abide by the student dress code at all times as explained in the Parent Handbook

Is there a bus service?

We currently have a bus service to and from Havelock North, Haumoana, and Waipawa.

Is there after school care?

Our school does not provide after school care.

Where can I access school policies?

Username: taikurasteiner

Password: heartwood