Playgroup is an opportunity for parents and caregivers with young children to gather with the Playgroup Coordinator for a relaxed and rhythmical morning.  Together we help to create the warm and nurturing environment by quietly working around the children, with tasks such as preparing morning tea, making resources, raking leaves in the garden or polishing toys inside.  Children learn what they live, so how we do things is important as they absorb and imitate what they experience. Our enjoyment and focus on our work ‘carries’ the child in a safe mantle, helping them to engage more deeply in their play and learning. Before morning tea we will come together to sing together and have a short story both based around the current season.  Our playgroup provides a gentle introduction to Rudolf Steiner education.

  • Open to children aged 6 months – 3 years
  • Playgroups sessions in Hastings & Taradale

For more information on our playgroups, please contact Erika Potter on 878 7363 or by email: