Available for 2024 parents, the donation form.  Just click on the link below.

2024 donation form


The Ministry of Education funds our school based on our student roll, at the equivalent level of a state school. Our Special Character (Steiner curriculum) is not included in this funding; therefore, our school is reliant on donations from families.

Each year the suggested donation level per student is set for the following year. In October every year, Special Character donation forms are sent to parents, along with a letter encouraging their prompt return so that the total donation pledged by parents can be included in the next year’s budget. We trust that all parents will strive to pledge up to the suggested donation level each year. Special Character donations are voluntary; however, they are vital to the school’s delivery of the Steiner curriculum.

We are happy to take payments on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis for donations. To assist families with donations, the government has introduced payroll giving. This allows families to receive the tax credit for donations at the time of payment. Please contact the Finance Manager to discuss payroll giving further.

Donations are to be paid into the Trust bank account (03-1518-0040482-00). Please use your child’s name and donations as reference.

Attendance Dues

Attendance Dues are set by the Ministry of Education and are a compulsory levy to parents to cover mortgage costs, major building maintenance and insurance. It is an expectation as part of your child’s enrolment that Attendance Dues are paid. Unpaid Attendance Dues may result in your child being unenrolled from school and may result in debt collection.

Attendance Dues are to be paid in full before 31 March each year unless a payment arrangement is agreed with the Finance Manager. If a payment arrangement is agreed, it is expected that the quarterly amount of the Attendance Dues is paid by the end of each term.

There is a hardship application for Attendance Dues available from the Finance Manager. Hardship is only granted in part with the expectation that parents or caregivers pay the balance remaining.

Attendance Dues are to be paid into the Trust bank account (03-1518-0040482-00). Please use your child’s name and dues as reference.